Poor OSA and nice Open Letter to Scientology

The guess is that the author of a very clear Open Letter to the Church of Scientology just wanted to be nice and help the cult.

London Particulars : An Open Letter to the Church of Scientology

But he added his words and especially himself to the OSA List of Enemys. The sad people that work for the secret service of stalking agents in Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA) have to do a lot of bureaucracy at all. Now they got even more because a writer that just wanted to be nice. Imagine a church or religion, what Scientology would like to be seen as, would cause so much stress to its staff. If you can say staff to them – they dont even get money for there daily 16 hours of work.
That would be indeed funny and people might think „OK, lets take the piss out of the pope and give his Secret Service work“. Fortunately no church and no religion does that. Just that company called Scientology and they love to work, because it increases their stats.

Have a look at this. Its the Stats System of them Ex Scientologist Message Board : OSA Investigations „Enemy“ Point System Document

Eine Antwort zu “Poor OSA and nice Open Letter to Scientology”

  1. Ein guter Hinweis, solle man mal dran bleiben. Das wird in nächtster Zeit mit sicherheit noch mehr Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen. Da habe ich doch schon vor kurzem einen Artikel drüber gefunden? Gruß von Wiethold Gerhard

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